The Jarrah Honey owes its name to the Jarrah tress, which are unique to Western Australia. It is a world-class table honeys with medium to dark amber coloring and has a rich and full-bodied flavor with a smooth caramel or nutty malt aftertaste. The Jarrah Honey is one of the most premium varieties of honey due to its extremely high antioxidants level and antimicrobial properties.

If people of New Zealand say Manuka Honey is the best honey in the world, Western Australians say it is Jarrah Honey. This is simply due to the fact that Jarrah Honey has been proven to be even tastier and with some higher therapeutic properties.

Our much sought after Jarrah honey is sourced from area considered to be one of the last disease and pest free areas of the world, therefore it is recognized as 100% pure natural honey.

Generally, Australian honey is relatively free of chemical residues, antibiotic residues and has low microbial counts. Only Western Australia protects its state forests and water catchments from industry and urban sprawl and enforces strict quarantine controls for apiary products that are bought from overseas or interstate.

West Australian Jarrah tree (known as Eucalyptus Marginata), is one of the most unique species of Eucalyptus tree found in the native Jarrah forest. It grows in the rich, environmental pristine native forest which extends from Gingin, North of Perth to as far South as Albany.The Jarrah tree is a magnificent tall timber tree that can grow up to 40 meters high and lives up to 1000 years. It has a brown-fissured bark that can withstand intense forest fires and a large green canopy. When it is in full flower, it is simply magnificent. The flowers are carried on the tips of the branches and the whole tree can be covered in beautiful creamy flowers. It blooms only every 2-3 years in spring and early summer (usually from December through to January), if temperatures exceed 25 deg Celsius with adequate rainfall. The nectar produce has lower moisture content.The Jarrah forest is also home to the Marri (Corymbia calophylla), Forest Blackbutt (E. patens) and Bull Banksia (Banksia grandis) and many other wildflowers.

Jarrah TA 30+

  • Research has shown that Jarrah honey is unique to Western Australia and it has the following distinctiveness and characteristics:

    - Highest Medicinal and Bioactive Antioxidant
    - High Antimicrobial Level
    - Low Glycemic Index (GI)
    - Significant Prebiotic Potential
    - High Fructose Level
    - Hydrogen Peroxide as Active Compound
    - High in Minerals
    - Tasty & Unique Flavor
    - Jarrah honey is in limited supply