Red Gum or “Marri” is a unique genus Eucalyptus tree found in Western Australia. Red Gum honey is one of the darker premium varieties of honey and is having a relatively higher level of antioxidants compared many other honeys. It has a thick consistency, bold taste and a distinctive aroma.

PureBee Red Gum honey is sourced fresh from the healthy hives, placed in the untouched and undisturbed Red Gum forest (that are free from chemicals and pesticides) in the South Western part of Western Australia.

Our honey is extracted with extreme care, with no additives, preservatives. colours or sugars added and is also not subjected to extreme heating or chemically processed, it is 100% pure, raw and natural which means that all the natural living enzymes, natural vitamins, probiotics, pollen and powerful antioxidants are retained. The higher the Total Activity (TA), the more active it’s antimicrobial strength.

Research by ChemCentre principal food scientist Mr Ken Docs, has shown that Red Gum honey has been found to have some of the highest antimicrobial activity in the world and has set to rival Manuka honey from New Zealand – Rural News from Perth Sunday Times.

Red Gum

  • Red Gum or Marri honey is an important natural source of sweetness and also possesses incredible nutritional value and health powers. Red Gum honey is one of the medical grade honeys and it shares the same, if not higher medicinal benefits and TA rating as Jarrah honey.

    - Highly Antimicrobial
    - Strong Antioxidant Activity
    - Low Glycemic Index (GI)
    - Hydrogen Peroxide Active
    - Tasty Treasure
    - Economical Medical Grade Hone