Arabica’s street-smart younger brother. Robusta beans are a widely known variation of coffee. Despite being less refined, they are commonly found in espresso blends as they create a better crema.


These beans provide a higher concentration of caffeine along with a mild bitter taste and grainy overtones. It is thought that the amplified caffeine content of Robusta, along with its chlorogenic acids (naturally occurring antioxidants) is a result of the plant’s self-protection mechanism in warding off pests and disease.


When present at low levels, chlorogenic acids are considered an important part of a coffee’s flavour profile. However, Robusta contains higher levels of these acids and the oxidation products generated by these can sometimes introduce unwanted flavours, potentially compromising cup quality.

Sumatra (Robusta)

    • Each pack contains 10 pre-packed drip coffee per box with Hoe Bee Coffee.
    • All you need to do is open it, put it in a cup, pour hot water on it, and enjoy it!